June Home Sales Down 8.5%

Seasonally adjusted inventory is calculated by taking the homes available for sale in a given month and
comparing them to the past 12 months’ average sales. This tells us how many months it would take to
sell the existing homes on the market.
The seasonally adjusted inventory level for June was 4.0 months, an increase from May’s 3.9 month
level. The seasonally adjusted level was 4.9 months in June 2017.

Generally, six months of inventory is considered a “balanced” market. If inventory falls below six months, the
market favors sellers; and when inventory exceeds six months, it is a buyer’s market. We also calculate inventory by subtracting the listings that have an “active offer” from those available for sale in a given month. Approximately 8 in 10 listings that buyers place an offer on go on to a complete
sale. This gives us a different perspective of the quantity of homes available on the market. Subtract the 2,491 listings with an active offer from current listings presents an effective inventory level of 1.9 months, even with May’s level. A year ago, the same calculation showed June’s inventory level at 2.8 months. We all know that the best time to sell anything is when inventory is low. Check out these Greater Milwaukee Realtor Association stats. Give us a call 414-604-1362


Marciniak Team

Marciniak Team